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This section showcases drawings which were done in relation to a chosen theme.


After listening to a new song for the initial 15-30 seconds, I've always been able to tell whether this is a song which will make it into my playlist or not. Having been a dancer in my childhood and growing up listening to music of various languages and tempos, I've come to realize that much of my favorite songs follow a similar pattern. Each person has their unique "music formula" for the kinds of rhythms, lyrics, and tempos which they gravitate towards. Waveforms is an art piece which juxtaposes the waveforms of 50 of my favorite songs. 

*The artwork was photographed on cream fabric.


Text is a 3 piece series about using language in art. Letters are essentially composed of curves and lines, the fundamental marks in art. Readable Appeal is a work focusing more on the use of text as language, Visual Appeal is a work focusing more on the shape of the chosen text, and Readable Visuals is a combination of the two.

Living & Non-Living vs Time

Living & Non-Living vs Time is a forty page spiral bound black paper book. This book is a collection of drawings which chronologically explores the way living things change over time and juxtaposes that with the way non-living things change  (or rather don't change) over the same period of time. All forty pages include drawings of the same still life setup, but from various viewpoints and over the course of three weeks. The images shown depict the first eight pages of the visual story.


Fruits is a series of six drawings which explores the contrast between bright color and dark background, complex rendering and simple composition, and flat space and dimensional subject.